Hera: “Since May collected 6 tons of WEEE”

Bologna, 10 Dec. – The Hera campaign for e-waste collection continues. Starting from December, the “e-waste” can be disposed of also in via Irnerio, near Montagnola, where every Thursday from 15 to 19 the Raee Mobile will be available for taking your Weee. The Raee Mobile for curbside collection of e-waste can collect small and big appliances (from mobile phones to television), lamps and batteries. To deliver the waste you need the health card or the Hera card to access ecological centers. Hera collected since last May over six tons of Wee through its containers placed in Reno and Navile areas. “E-waste recycling is good for the environment and contrasts illegal exports,” writes Hera. “The so-called e-waste is on the rise throughout the world given the speed with which technology changes. The risk, in addition to the release into the environment of hazardous materials, is the spread of illegal dumping practices” says Hera, stressing that “the Identis Weee European project helps tracing the life cycle of these devices.

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