Hera is one of the main Italian multi-utilities, active in the area of energy and water management and environment. Hera operates in the provinces of Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna, Rimini e Pesaro-Urbino and in some municipality in the province of Firenze. In this territory the Group serves some 3 million citizens.

Founded in 2004, Ecolight is today one of the main consortia for WEEE management. With more the 1500 associated organizations, it is the primary collection system in Italy for number of associates and the second for market share. The consortium deals with the collection and treatment of waste from any kind of WEEE, in accordance with the law requirements.


Fundación ECOLUM is a not-for-profit organization created with the aim of conducting a proper and environmentally-friendly management of the luminaire waste classified under Category 5 (Lighting Equipment), Annex I, of the Spanish Royal Decree 208/2005 on Electrical and Electronic Waste and the Management of its Waste. From 2011 on, it also manages waste from Neon Signs, now also covered by the aforementioned regulation. Today ECOLUM is one of the Collective Management Systems of reference within the lighting industry.