Testing results, first year

The results of the first testing period (about one year) have shown very encouraging results in regard to the amount of WEEE collected and to the number of households / users who actively participated in the trial and the rates of increase collection.

The quantitative data collection are extremely positive having recorded within a 10-month trial in Italy alone more than 15,400 conferrals, performed by more than 6,300 users, for a total of approximately:

- 12,000 kg of WEEE collected and recovered through the territorial containers (36 prototypes Point);

- 8,400 kg of WEEE collected and recovered through the containers distributed in the large-scale distribution centers (one prototype Parking and three prototypes Shop)

- 2,000 kg of WEEE collected and recovered by the Mobile system (with an average of more than 200 kg per daily presence of the prototype).

The collection system of “one against zero”, required by the EU but not yet operationally applied for its organizational and logistical complexity, is then a concrete experience in the Emilia Romagna region, providing thus the operational and technical guidelines for the actual application of the European directive.

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