The project envisages the recognition IDENTIS WEEE of citizens premialita situation that, in the period of experimentation, will have awarded properly the largest number of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) correctly managed, ensuring their traceability through innovative devices from the technological point of view and increase the collection of secondary materials for subsequent incorporation in different production processesthey are some of the objectives of the European project IDENTIS WEEE. Its main purpose is the collection of waste electrical and electronic, especially of small appliances and energy saving lamps, through new systems of waste collection identifying the deposited WEEE favoring the reduction of inappropriate. Secondly, you are ready to facilitate the monitoring of this type of waste from its delivery by the user to its final treatment providing greater security to prevent theft of them, fulfilling, in this way, the indications dictated by Strasbourg and creating an innovative system that allows to know the habits of the citizens to provide them with a better service.
  1. Increase the collection of WEEE in the areas involved in the testing phase by over 100%;
  2. Development of a system for full traceability of WEEE;
  3. Increase the recovery of secondary raw material;
  4. Contrast illegal dumping;
  5. Increase awareness in citizens and institutions.